I would be the one to try to get the Yule Cat to let me pet it. 🤦‍♀️

I’ve really enjoyed your newsletter! I think my favorite article was Beither the Lightning Serpent, since I’ve faced one in a game. It was neat to hear the story behind it!

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Maybe the Yule Cat will let you pet it if you have new clothes on? Something for someone brave to investigate!

And cheers! Thank you for your support this year too! It was fun writing the Beithir article, learning about the myth behind the monster. This year, beithir excepted, I tried to hold off on doing anything too close to an existing D&D monster for fear of being too obvious or redundant while the newsletter was starting out. Next year though I'd definitely like to try and find some more folklore monsters that have a D&D counterpart that they're interestingly different from :)

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